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“Social Media Tools for Work & Self Promotion.”

December 3, 2012

Social media communication 

Social media? ” A fusion of sociology and technology sharing and transforming between one to many in essence, with Democratisation of information”. 

Social media  can be divided into two different ways:
1)    It is a two-way communication between the web host and its end user. For example, in a website it asks its users to comment, like and rate an article
2)    It is a way for users to communicate with each other within a website or Internet software such as Skype or Facebook

With the rapid increase in technology, the need for communicating with efficiency and speed has also increased. In my education history there is a constant need to communicate with my classmates, and with my lecturers. For example, to be in touch with class notes that was not attended. It is also easier to give feedback (when needed) via social media.
As being a student of Business Operations management, I would say that social media is the best way to communicate with other business people and is very useful especially for communication between the customers and the service providers.Social media in emergencies is used for sharing information, crowd sourcing, identifying threats, correcting miss information in real-time, monitoring recovery activities. For example in a Operations management,social media tools can be used to demonstrate the way in which Operations works and also provide a medium for customers to communicate with them and vice verse. More information on how social media tools are (or can be) used in Business environment can  be found in the following links:  

 Comparison between Facebook and LinkedIn.

       Facebook and LinkedIn are both the very famous social media tools these days. I created my account in Facebook and LinkedIn both five year ago.Following is a comparison between the  two social media tools through some parts.

1.Number of Users.

            Facebook:               1000 million ( October 2012)

              LinkedIn                  187 million ( November 2012)

2. Main users’ age structure
Facebook   :   15-28
              LinkedIn:        25-35

3. Main users’ education structure
Facebook :    High school, university
              LinkedIn:       Masters’ degree

4. Main service
Facebook: Just social connecting service
                LinkedIn:  Business-related social Networking

5.  Features

               Facebook:    Chat, credits, article,picture, video sharing, poke, status, groups, birthday reminder, more applications and more and more near the real social network, such as f-business.

               LinkedIn:    Find the business partner, recommendations you to more companies, real companies’ feed and group.  CV sharing,

6. Communication
Facebook:  Instant chat, put whatever you want on the wall, send message, tag on the picture or video, create group , event, and communicate through the applications such as petville.

                    LinkedIn: Find the same level business network, send message, recommend, business group.

7. How I use them
Facebook:  Connect all the school mates and friends and some random friends with same interest. Chat with them, share news with them, killing time. play games and other applications.

                Linked In  Update my CV, connect the colleagues, connect the same business partners, join lots of companies’ group that I’m interested in. Wait for the recommendation from some Mr.right

8.Security and privacy
Facebook: Little Bit of privacy.
                 LinkedIn:   Kind of safe, people are more real and true, and the information from the company are true facts.

Relavant Links: 






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